My intrusive friends

AssignmentPatient material designed to prepare those who have difficulty conceiving naturally for the emotional journey often associated with assisted reproduction. The material was produced for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, which is an expert in IVF treatment. Background Today, it is estimated that around 10–15% of all couples wanting to conceive may need help from assisted reproduction to […]

Life-changing career

Assignment Recruitment campaign for Novo Nordisk’s Swedish headquarters in Malmö. Potential new employees should be identified through social media channels and then receive onboarding at the office following their employment.  SolutionThe campaign took the form of a film distributed through, among other channels, LinkedIn and Facebook. A number of employees from the office appear in […]

Digital conference 2021

Assignment Due to the pandemic, Novo Nordisk’s annual January conference went digital instead of a kick-off-friendly hotel. Conceptualising and planning activities for the conference has been a recurring assignment for Relevans – but in 2021, the work was also about engaging the employees who have long been tired of meeting via the screen.  Solution Before […]

The fertility app

Assignment A tool that explains each step and the various processes associated with all the different treatments offered at a fertility clinic. The assignment was undertaken for Ferring Läkemedel, at the request of Karolinska Institutet. Background Donating sperm and freezing eggs are not quick processes, and neither is assisted reproduction or any other treatment offered at a […]

CF Kitchen

AssignmentTo make it easier for people with cystic fibrosis to prepare nutritious and tasty meals. Background Cystic fibrosis is a congenital disorder that affects, among other things, the metabolic system. For people with the condition it is therefore difficult but vital to maintain sufficient nutrition, as they may need more energy than other people. Sometimes, […]

Not quite ‘home sweet home’!

Assignment Communication concept for Premalex, which is the first approved medication for PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). The concept was used in connection with a launch campaign aimed at the healthcare sector, as well as a public information campaign. Background PMS is a recurring condition that can manifest in different ways in each woman. Some become angry, […]

Have you got PMS, or what?

Assignment Launch of Premalex, which is the first approved medication for PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder).  Solution When it comes to Premalex, we have been involved since day one. That means everything from developing a visual identity to putting together a communication concept. Here we present that visual identity and explain how it was used, including in […]

Warning! Cute cats.


Assignment GSK has an online test for people with asthma who are experiencing problems. They asked for a digital campaign to encourage more people to take the test and then speak to their doctor. Background Many people with asthma think their condition is under control – despite experiencing symptoms. Learning more about your asthma increases the […]

Seek and you shall find

AssignmentVisual identity and labels for Brygghuset Finn’s Classics range of beers. Background Brygghuset Finn is a Scanian brewery based in Landskrona. Beer is brewed here using traditional craft methods and innovative engineering knowledge, which results in a wide range of locally produced craft beers.  Solution The new labels reflect Finn’s unique craftsmanship and outstanding quality. A […]

New website

Assignment Teva Sverige wanted to revamp the website, improve its user-friendliness and make it easier for healthcare staff to find relevant information about Teva’s products and activities. Background Teva is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and produces a wide range of generic drugs. They also develop their own products. Teva is […]