Digital conference 2021

Due to the pandemic, Novo Nordisk’s annual January conference went digital instead of a kick-off-friendly hotel. Conceptualising and planning activities for the conference has been a recurring assignment for Relevans – but in 2021, the work was also about engaging the employees who have long been tired of meeting via the screen. 

Before the first day of the conference, a package was sent to all 80 participants. It contained an instruction letter, a sports jacket, a notebook, a pen and six numbered packages. The packs belonged to different parts of the day and were opened together at set times.

The conference was broadcast live from the Deep studio, where a representative from Novo Nordisk and conference organiser Susanna Dzamic were present. The studio was equipped with large LED screens, multiple cameras, and audio and visual technologies. During the day, seven scene changes took place with changing decorations and moving backgrounds. The screens were also used for presentations, showing the participants and conducting various competitions.

The conference launched the new corporate ambition Step Ahead. In line with this, employees were also given access to a walking-friendly playlist that could be played during breaks and on subsequent lunchtime walks. 

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