When migraine comes between you and life

On alltommigrän.se you can find everything from expert tips on treatment and prevention, to personal stories from people living with migraine. To generate traffic to the site, we developed a social media campaign based on the concept “Does migraine come between you and life?”. Here we want to highlight the obstacles that migraine can cause in everyday life, from having to cancel a long-awaited party or skiing holiday to missing an important football match. The ads are aimed at both migraine sufferers and the general public. 

Migraine is a neurological disease that affects almost 13% of the Swedish population. It is a disease that often gets in the way of everyday life, and in some cases it can feel like the disease is taking over your life and preventing you from living fully.

One of Lundbeck’s therapy areas is migraine, and together with them we developed a site that aims to give visitors a deeper understanding of the disease. 

To draw attention to migraine and promote the website alltommigrän.se. The ad was published in Huvudsaken, the Swedish Headache Society’s magazine. 

Business card box
Small business cards that can be found in waiting rooms at healthcare centres, for example. 

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