Because the simple is the quick

Based on the concept “Time is of the essence”, we created a website that conveys speed and gives the impression of a modern, forward-looking and committed company. The tagline EVOLVE – INNOVATE – SIMPLIFY recognises SWIPP’s ability to simplify for patients, families and healthcare professionals by developing medicines that are easier to administer. Take a quick or slow look at The graphic motion pattern on the home page is inspired by the shape of the medical film. 

Developing medicines is expensive and time-consuming. SWIPP is trying to make it cheaper and faster, without sacrificing safety, efficacy or quality – while keeping patient benefit at the centre. SWIPP is a Lund-based pharmaceutical company that develops medical films for faster absorption and easier administration. Oral films are placed on the tongue and buccal films are placed on the oral mucosa, e.g. on the inside of the cheek or under the lip. SWIPP’s first project is in epilepsy, where they are developing a flexible buccal film with midazolam, to break epileptic seizures.

SWIPP commissioned us to design a new website and update the graphic profile. We took a holistic approach to the SWIPP brand and created a new tagline. The goal is for SWIPP to be perceived as a modern, growing company that is fast, experienced and reliable. 

Berth Lindén​

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