Seek and you shall find

Visual identity and labels for Brygghuset Finn’s Classics range of beers.

Brygghuset Finn is a Scanian brewery based in Landskrona. Beer is brewed here using traditional craft methods and innovative engineering knowledge, which results in a wide range of locally produced craft beers. 

The new labels reflect Finn’s unique craftsmanship and outstanding quality. A harmonised design across the range has been combined with a subtle colour-coding system for each type of beer. The flavour and design will enhance any dinner – whether being enjoyed at an upmarket venue or on a picnic blanket. Finn has something for everyone, so seek and you shall find your favourite beer! 

Psst! Are you questioning whether beer counts as a health-related mission? According to some, it’s probably a matter of interpretation – but it bears adding that we sometimes take on missions outside our niche.
Sophia André Klingspor

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