Digital conference 2022

AssignmentFor the second year in a row, Novo Nordisk’s annual January conference became a digital event. This year’s theme was sustainability and our mission was to ensure that the environmental ambition was seen, heard and felt throughout the program.  SolutionTo prepare for the conference, each employee received a postal mailing to their home address before […]

Life-changing career

Assignment Recruitment campaign for Novo Nordisk’s Swedish headquarters in Malmö. Potential new employees should be identified through social media channels and then receive onboarding at the office following their employment.  SolutionThe campaign took the form of a film distributed through, among other channels, LinkedIn and Facebook. A number of employees from the office appear in […]

Digital conference 2021

Assignment Due to the pandemic, Novo Nordisk’s annual January conference went digital instead of a kick-off-friendly hotel. Conceptualising and planning activities for the conference has been a recurring assignment for Relevans – but in 2021, the work was also about engaging the employees who have long been tired of meeting via the screen.  Solution Before […]

New website

Assignment Teva Sverige wanted to revamp the website, improve its user-friendliness and make it easier for healthcare staff to find relevant information about Teva’s products and activities. Background Teva is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and produces a wide range of generic drugs. They also develop their own products. Teva is […]

Congress summaries

Assignment Our client Lundbeck (in association with Otsuka) was looking for a concept that would enable psychiatrists who were unable to attend the congresses to access the summary of the events, while also refreshing those who were able to be there. A report that communicates the key elements from the various psychiatric congresses. Background Every […]

Company profile

Assignment Company profile for AB Cernelle.  Solution AB Cernelle from rural Vegeholm just outside Ängelholm manufactures pollen extracts for the global market, including treatments for benign prostate enlargement. When we designed the company’s graphical profile, we wanted to convey the heritage and the environment that the company and its products came out of and combine them with […]

A1M Pharma

Background A1M Pharma – now Guard Therapeutics – develops ROSgard, a medicine based on the natural protein A1M, which counters oxidative stress. It is hoped that ROSgard can be used to prevent and avert kidney damage caused by various types of disease, such as toxaemia, which we were starting to focus on. Our mission was […]

Drug advertising, for better or worse

The first book on drug advertisingMany books have been written about advertising in general, but almost none about our particular niche. A pity, so we decided to fill the gap with a book to attract readers whether they are interested in medicine or advertising or simply like great stories.  In “Drug advertising, for better or […]