Digital conference 2022

For the second year in a row, Novo Nordisk’s annual January conference became a digital event. This year’s theme was sustainability and our mission was to ensure that the environmental ambition was seen, heard and felt throughout the program. 

To prepare for the conference, each employee received a postal mailing to their home address before the conference. The mailing was in line with the sustainability theme: the package included locally produced shampoo cakes, organic sparkling wine and sustainable reading material signed by the day’s speakers. All participants were also encouraged to visit a temporary website and register their climate footprint. In this way, they could compete for the title of Novo Nordisk’s most climate-smart colleague.

The conference was broadcast live from a studio at Deep. There, program host Susanna Dzamic and some Novo Nordisk delegates were responsible for the content. In line with the theme, the studio was decorated in natural colours, with a soft carpet and tree trunks and branches. In addition to the day’s talking points, an important part of the program was to highlight the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The back wall was therefore covered with LED screens, allowing both the goals and other content to take centre stage during the broadcast. The studio was also visited by inspirational speaker Catharina Jarlsdotter, while physician Henrik Widegren provided the after-work entertainment. 

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