Solve the head problems of rhinosinusitis

AssignmentBionorica commissioned us to create a digital campaign for their herbal medicine Sinuxol. BackgroundBionorica is a German company that has been active in the field of herbal medicines for almost 100 years. They wanted to increase awareness and sales of Sinuxol in pharmacies. The digital strategy focuses on reaching the recipient with different messages at […]

Throughout the menopause

AssignmentProduct website and social media campaign for Klimadynon, an over-the-counter herbal medicine used to relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and heavy sweating. SolutionA film was developed to create recognition among menopausal women, focusing on portraying a common and recurring condition: hot flushes and sweating that interferes with night-time sleep. To maintain a […]

Recurrent urinary tract infections?

Canephron mobil

AssignmentProduct website and social media campaign for Canephron, an herbal medicine used to relieve symptoms of recurrent urinary tract infections in women. SolutionThe target audience’s interest was captured through films showing the symptoms of recurrent urinary tract infections in a highly recognisable environment: the bathroom. Here, the course of the disease from complaint to solution […]

Seek and you shall find

AssignmentVisual identity and labels for Brygghuset Finn’s Classics range of beers. Background Brygghuset Finn is a Scanian brewery based in Landskrona. Beer is brewed here using traditional craft methods and innovative engineering knowledge, which results in a wide range of locally produced craft beers.  Solution The new labels reflect Finn’s unique craftsmanship and outstanding quality. A […]

Helps against dry relationships

Assignment Communication concept for Galenica’s new moisturising cream, Oviderm. A product for dry, chapped or problematic skin, sold at pharmacies both over the counter and on prescription.  Solution For anyone with dry skin, a faithful moisturiser is a must in the bathroom cabinet. That’s why we position Oviderm as a reliable partner and friend to anyone who […]

Still the rumbling

Assignment Dejunked Chia Smoothie makes it possible for everyone to get on the chia seed bandwagon, without preparation or cooking skills. Relevans has been working with Malmö-based Dejunked since they created their first packaging, and since then we’ve developed a website, packaging design and an overriding communication concept, amongst other things.  Solution  Put simply, Dejunked Chia Smoothie […]

Land of lust

Assignment  For the launch of the RFSU’s new range of lubricants, we were asked to produce a concept and marketing proposal. The communication was to convey the message that the “Sense Me” range is a product segment focusing entirely on extra pleasure and better sex.  Solution In the “Land of lust” concept, we present a dreamy, […]

A bit out of sorts?

Assignment The launch campaign for Esberitox Forte – the successor to Esberitox, which has kept Sweden on the go since 1994. Esberitox Forte is a plant-based medicine used to relieve cold symptoms such as a blocked nose and coughing.  Solution In our launch campaign, we present the treatment by catching the point where you start to feel […]

Fat repairs

Background Locobase REPAIR is a classic fatty cream for people with dry skin. When the cream needed a new communication concept, we decided to do the exact opposite of the way a skin cream is usually presented.   Solution The “Fat repairs” concept builds on the real benefit of the product, which is that Locobase REPAIR […]

Long live the lust

Assignment Launch campaign for the dietary supplement “Lust and Energy” from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU). As the name implies, the tablets are taken to energise and stimulate the body.  Solution Reduced sexual desire, fatigue and low energy are a common problem. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who feel shame or suffer […]