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A1M Pharma – now Guard Therapeutics – develops ROSgard, a medicine based on the natural protein A1M, which counters oxidative stress. It is hoped that ROSgard can be used to prevent and avert kidney damage caused by various types of disease, such as toxaemia, which we were starting to focus on. Our mission was to make the communication simpler and clearer, and produce information and marketing material aimed at potential investors.

First out was a PowerPoint presentation which dealt with the issue of toxaemia: how hard it strikes women and children around the world and how there is currently no effective treatment. It also explains how the A1M protein works: a small molecule which cleans, protects and repairs cells and tissue. A short film explaining the principle behind the candidate drug was also produced. The idea was that anyone should be able to understand the A1M protein and its potential use in a future medicine. A lot of other material was also produced; see examples below.

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Sophia André Klingspor
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The film was made in collaboration with Deep.

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