PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) is a heart and lung disease that can strike anyone at any age. Symptoms like tiredness, shortness of breath and nausea resemble other more common conditions like asthma and COPD, which means it can take a while to conclude the correct diagnosis. However, without treatment, the median survival time for PAH patients is under three years. 

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Website is a site wholly dedicated to PAH: how the disease is detected, how it feels and how it is treated. The site contains accounts from patients, films and everything worth knowing about PAH. The PAH forum is aimed at people suffering from PAH, their relatives, and those who have not yet been diagnosed. The aim is to ensure that more people are diagnosed earlier. Listen to stories from patients, get answers to frequently asked questions and pick up advice and support for people living with the disease. 

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Patient brochure on exercise and training
Training and exercise are an important part of the treatment. We produced this brochure, which contains information by a physiotherapist. It includes advice and exercises for people living with PAH. 

Direct mail to the healthcare sector
A direct mailing was sent to doctors who encounter patients with symptoms that could indicate PAH to raise awareness of the disease.  

Postcard to the healthcare sector
On the front of the postcard are quotations from patient interviews on The purpose was to create curiosity to discover what disease this might be, and the answer is on the back. 

Graphics manual
All material intended for the public is based on a graphic manual that we developed. 

PowerPoint presentation for disease awareness
PAH is a rare and unknown disease to many doctors. Early diagnosis is crucial for the survival of patients. This presentation aims to raise awareness of the disease and how it is investigated, so that more people with PAH can be helped. 

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PAH at a glance, investigation brochure
A brochure for doctors to guide them through a PAH examination, i.e. what tests to use and what to include in the PAH referral. 

Used on pages like, where PAH is mentioned.