LAL deficiency

Alexion Pharmaceuticals researches treatments for patients with rare, serious and life-threatening diseases – including LAL deficiency. Our brief was to highlight the treatment of LAL deficiency and persuade doctors to test more patients for the disease. 

In disease awareness campaigns, it is common to talk about how a particular disease is detected. We turned this around and chose instead to urge practitioners to rule out LAL deficiency, as it takes no more than a blood sample to determine whether patients are in the risk area. In this way we hope to raise the incentive to do more tests and increase the chances that more patients will be diagnosed. If the doctor can rule out LAL deficiency, that is one disease less to think about in their examination.

We started from the insight that a doctor’s job is like a detective’s, where a process of elimination is used to arrive at the solution. Inspired by the classic thriller “The Usual Suspects”, the other possible diagnoses play the “villains” in the investigation.

For “Swedish Gastro Days” 

Vykort riktat till läkare som träffar patienter med misstänkt LAL-brist.
Syftet var att upplysa om att LAL-brist bör uteslutas vid utredning av vissa sjukdomar.

Sophia André Klingspor

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