Land of lust

Assignment  For the launch of the RFSU’s new range of lubricants, we were asked to produce a concept and marketing proposal. The communication was to convey the message that the “Sense Me” range is a product segment focusing entirely on extra pleasure and better sex.  Solution In the “Land of lust” concept, we present a dreamy, […]

A bit out of sorts?

Assignment The launch campaign for Esberitox Forte – the successor to Esberitox, which has kept Sweden on the go since 1994. Esberitox Forte is a plant-based medicine used to relieve cold symptoms such as a blocked nose and coughing.  Solution In our launch campaign, we present the treatment by catching the point where you start to feel […]


BackgroundPAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) is a heart and lung disease that can strike anyone at any age. Symptoms like tiredness, shortness of breath and nausea resemble other more common conditions like asthma and COPD, which means it can take a while to conclude the correct diagnosis. However, without treatment, the median survival time for PAH […]

The migraine book

Migraine is both common and well-documented, but still there is no popular scientific account of the condition. Or rather there wasn’t until we wrote “Metamorphoses” together with GlaxoSmithKline and the Swedish Migraine Association. The book summarises both familiar and unfamiliar parts of the story and is addressed to anyone dealing with migraine sufferers in their […]

Four letters

Background ADHD is a diagnosis most of us have heard of but do not know much about. For a long time, for example, ADHD was believed to be a condition of children and adolescents – which does fully corresponds with reality. ADHD looks different in different individuals. A person with ADHD has difficulties with attention, hyperactivity […]

The effect of sound

Assignment Ecophon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustic systems, asked us to illustrate their research findings on the effect of acoustics on medical care. Background The life sciences industry is largely made up of research findings and figures. Although there are many different ways of presenting and illustrating these, the majority of them are presented […]

Fat repairs

Background Locobase REPAIR is a classic fatty cream for people with dry skin. When the cream needed a new communication concept, we decided to do the exact opposite of the way a skin cream is usually presented.   Solution The “Fat repairs” concept builds on the real benefit of the product, which is that Locobase REPAIR […]

Company profile

Assignment Company profile for AB Cernelle.  Solution AB Cernelle from rural Vegeholm just outside Ängelholm manufactures pollen extracts for the global market, including treatments for benign prostate enlargement. When we designed the company’s graphical profile, we wanted to convey the heritage and the environment that the company and its products came out of and combine them with […]

Long live the lust

Assignment Launch campaign for the dietary supplement “Lust and Energy” from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU). As the name implies, the tablets are taken to energise and stimulate the body.  Solution Reduced sexual desire, fatigue and low energy are a common problem. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who feel shame or suffer […]

A1M Pharma

Background A1M Pharma – now Guard Therapeutics – develops ROSgard, a medicine based on the natural protein A1M, which counters oxidative stress. It is hoped that ROSgard can be used to prevent and avert kidney damage caused by various types of disease, such as toxaemia, which we were starting to focus on. Our mission was […]