The diabetes kitchen

Cookbook for people with diabetes, published by Belfrage. 

In this cookbook you will find recipes for your taste buds and for your blood sugar levels. When our friends at Belfrage came to us with the idea for an inspiring cookbook for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes (and all other types) who want to fill up on good food, we did not hesitate. But what is actually meant by “good food”? How should we approach it? What should you always have at home, and how do you go about calculating carbohydrates and calories? The “Diabetes kitchen” turned into a journey from knowing almost nothing to being something of an expert on the subject. Food – what a super-medicine!

All recipes in the diabetes cookbook carry nutritional information, where we show how many calories and grams of carbohydrates there are in a portion. 

Sophia André Klingspor

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