CF Exercises – Movements that help

To create content on that adds value for both the patient and the healthcare services.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a rare disease which causes the production of excessively thick mucus from the glands. It mainly affects the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract, leading to breathing difficulty, lung infections and problems absorbing nutrients from food. Physical exercises, for example, can delay the consequences that the thick mucus has on the body’s organs. CF also increases the risk of infection, which is why patients are often unable to exercise at the gym where there are other people.

CF Exercises – Movements that help. Working with a physiotherapist, we produced 10 exercise videos specially adapted to CF patients, which are easy to follow and make it easier to start and carry on with physical activity in the safety of their own home. Using patient surveys, we decided that an animated neutral figure would most appeal to the target group, and this turned out to be much appreciated. The videos are on YouTube and – a page produced in collaboration with Hogarth.

Want to find out more about this project? Contact:
Berth Lindén
042-400 48 81
CF Exercises – Movements that help
The animated films were produced in collaboration with Deep. he films have also been translated into Danish, Norwegian and English.
DM to the health services to provide information about CF Exercises.
DM to the health services to provide information about CF Exercises.
CF Träning – hjälpmedel
Notepad for the health services. Used to write down patients’ exercise programmes.

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