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ADHD is a diagnosis most of us have heard of but do not know much about. For a long time, for example, ADHD was believed to be a condition of children and adolescents – which does fully corresponds with reality. ADHD looks different in different individuals. A person with ADHD has difficulties with attention, hyperactivity or impulsiveness – or a combination of all three. And the different forms of ADHD are not constant but change character through life. That is why the diagnosis can be confusing both for the person affected and for those around them.

The book “Four letters” has been produced for the pharmaceutical company Takeda to draw attention to ADHD in adults. Between the covers, the reader will find personal accounts and practical advice from experts in ADHD. The book is the outcome of discussions and interviews which are broken down into three sections. The reader is introduced to six people who know how it feels to be suddenly defined by four letters, and two specialists who give their views on life with the diagnosis. And needless to say, the book is designed and written with people with concentration problems in mind. Take a look at http://fyrabokstä to read some excerpts from the book and pick up some useful tips to help with everyday activities both big and small.

“Four letters” won the Swedish Publishing Prize 2018 in the ‘manuals and textbooks’ category. The citation read: “For an important book with a well-conceived layout and compelling illustrations which convey a host of competing impressions.” “Four letters” is illustrated by Kristian Ingers.

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