Cell sorting

AssignmentThe client, Adacyte, requested a new campaign alluding to the uniqueness of the product. BackgroundThe medical device treatment Adacolumn sorts out inflammatory cells (white blood cells) that drive inflammation in the gut in IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), giving the gut a chance to recover and heal. In our latest Adacolumn campaign, we targeted […]

The fertility app

Assignment A tool that explains each step and the various processes associated with all the different treatments offered at a fertility clinic. The assignment was undertaken for Ferring Läkemedel, at the request of Karolinska Institutet. Background Donating sperm and freezing eggs are not quick processes, and neither is assisted reproduction or any other treatment offered at a […]

The effect of sound

Assignment Ecophon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustic systems, asked us to illustrate their research findings on the effect of acoustics on medical care. Background The life sciences industry is largely made up of research findings and figures. Although there are many different ways of presenting and illustrating these, the majority of them are presented […]