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Communication concept for Premalex, which is the first approved medication for PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). The concept was used in connection with a launch campaign aimed at the healthcare sector, as well as a public information campaign.

PMS is a recurring condition that can manifest in different ways in each woman. Some become angry, while others become depressed or experience mood swings. It has long been clear that there is a massive difference in the degree to which women develop PMS symptoms, but it was only quite recently that a more severe variant was identified – PMDD.

To highlight the problem, we decided to use contrasts. The classic embroidered sampler that would usually carry heart-warming messages was given a melancholy makeover. It was as if all hope and zest for life had suddenly been sucked out of them, similar to the effect that PMDD has on sufferers.

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Premalex annons patient
Ads aimed at the public and the healthcare sector; the first draws attention to the issue of PMDD, while the second focuses on treatment. The ads were nominated for the Swedish Design Award in the category Reklam Print (Print Advertising).
premalex hemsida provides answers to a lot of questions about PMS and PMDD, ovulation and menstrual cycles. Visitors to the site could also try a PMS-poet tool as a way of expressing their premenstrual moods.
premalex hemsida
Banners with the somewhat provocative and unfortunately all too common question “Have you got PMS, or what?” steered visitors to
Premalex vantrumsfolder patient
Anyone who thinks they suffer with PMDD should talk to their gynaecologist, and so we also produced folders to be displayed in waiting rooms. You can read about the difference between PMS and PMDD in the folder while you wait to see the doctor.
Premalex gratisvykort patient
Premalex gratisvykort patient
Our messages could also be found in the form of free postcards in cafés and shops.
Premalex kalender varden
In order to highlight the cyclical nature of the disorder and its diverse symptoms, monthly DMs were sent to doctors.
Premalex DR varden
Healthcare staff also received mailshots that allowed them to order various assessment tools.
Premalex produktbrochyr varden
A product leaflet that explained more about Premalex was distributed to healthcare staff.
Premalex montrar
At fairs, the ‘samplers’ were hung on the walls of a cosy living room.

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